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This website utilizes cookies: Navigating these website and accepting the policy,  you consent   Eolie Houses to utilize cookies in keeping with the  the following policy .

Cookies are files sent by the server to the website browser and memorized in the website browser.

The information is then successiveness sent to the server every time the browser requires a page to the server.  This allows the website di identify and trace browser.

There are two principle types of cookies: the cookie of the session and the persistent cookie.  The session cookie are cancelled from your computer when you close the browser whilst the persistent cookie remains memorised in your computer until its cancelled or until they reach their due date .


Eolie Houses utilizes the following cookies on this website for the following purpose:


This cookie is  absolutely necessary for the function of the website. It memorises an “ID session” that is used from the Framework Microsoft.NET to evidence the page to the user. This cookie is eliminated at the end of the session, that is when the user goes to another website, or closes the browser window. This cookie does not remain on your computer and has no function that makes it retraceable.

Cookie da Google: _utma / _utmb / _utmc / _utmz

Eolie Houses utilizes Google Analytics to analyse the use of this website. Google Analytics generates information statistics on the websites through cookies memorized on the computer of the user. The relative information acquired is used to create reports concerning the use of this website. Google memorizes and uses this information. The Google privacy policy can be found on:


If you wish to  know , block or eliminate cookies from your browser, the link below will give information relative to the use of cookies of principal browsers used to navigate the website, here below you find the links to information on how to use cookies of principal browsers utilized to navigate the websites

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