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Eolie Houses is an estate agent operating through an estate agent from Lipari with 20 years  of experience in seasonal touristic locations.

Eolie Houses is based in Lipari and therefore our offers of holiday houses, apartments for rent, villas, houses on sale and other property proposals essentially concern the Aeolian Islands

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Holiday Houses
A large choice of houses, villas, apartments and residences, that distinguish themselves for quality and position, charm and atmosphere. Solutions that have been accurately inspected according with real and rigid standards both through description and photographs, in order to satisfy the request of all guests.
Buy and Sell
Villas, rural houses, land and other proposals: an open window on the property market of the Aeolian Islands for an investment or the satisfaction of an everyday requirements to live in a territory rich of natural beauty , history, art and culture amongst the most beautiful of the Mediterranean basins.
Tourism Services
We can suggest various valid and interesting options, such as trekking excursions, boat excursions. We can give you information on transport in order to reach the other islands. We can tell you all the wonderful stories of the fascinating and uncontaminated Aeolian Islands with photographs and literature.

Our Strong points

Professionality and Correctness
together with the offers of holiday houses and luxury villas, properties for sale, tourism information services on how to reach the Aeolian island with full description.
Consolidated trust and esteem
for the time of proprietors of the apartments for rent and colleagues of other estate agent agencies as well as those of the tourism sector.
Client satisfaction
that find on the other side of the phone or screen, a voice and a full disposition that can be trusted and which they trust.

On our website you will find a large choice of properties amongst:

  • Apartments for rent at Panarea
  • Bed sitters, 2 rooms and 3 rooms at Lipari
  • Houses for sale at Filicudi and other islands
  • Typical Aeolian houses for rent at Stromboli
  • Holiday apartments at Vulcano
  • Villas on sales at Salina
  • Holiday houses at Alicudi
  • Proposals for annual locations at Lipari
  • villas on sale at Salina
  • holiday houses at Alicudi
  • proposals for annual locations at Lipari

Our houses and apartments for sale or rent will be:

  • Sea fronts to better enjoy the beach
  • In the historical center in order to fully enjoy the night life
  • In the countryside to completely relax

On these islands in the months of June, July, August and September you feast your eyes on the beauty of an uncontaminated sea. In the months of April ,May and October, you can enjoy the magic of nature which is a work of art.

If you require apartments and house at Lampedusa in the Pelagie Islands in Sicily, at Cefalu, San Vito lo Capo or other, we also collaborate with other colleagues that specialize in these locations and can therefore offer you valid solutions in all locations, that can suit you.

If you have a holiday house or an apartment to let for the seasonal periods or longer, if you are looking for a property to rent, a luxury villa, an apartment for holidays at Lipari, Alicudi, Salina, Stromboli, Vulcano, Panarea, Filicudi in the center or on the sea front or in the countryside. If you have a house at Stromboli, an apartment at Lipari, a rustic place at Alicudi, or at Salina etc. to sell or  if you wish to buy a property for investment purposes at the Aeolian Islands, if you want to come for a holiday at our islands in Summer or any other period, Contact us.

Eolie Houses, estate agent based in Lipari, specialist in holiday properties to buy or sell, will accept all suggestions or criticisms  that can help us with the offers we supply.

Guide to our website

The estate agent on line   Eolie Houses   offers houses for sale, apartments for rent, information on the Aeolian Islands, very advantageous proposals for your holiday at Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Panarea, Alicudi, Filicudi.

This website  Eolie Houses in its Home page presents the followings to which you can easily access from the navigation menu:

At  Holiday Houses” you can choose from the island of your choice or other locations from each holiday tab , prestigious villas, apartments for rent in residences, with descriptions and prices.

At  “Last Minute and Special Offersyou can find specials and discount prices for last minute reservations , but also very advantageous proposals for who decides to book well in advance their holiday in the Aeolian Islands.

At  “Commercial and annual lettings ” we indicate houses for rent for a long period, storehouses , retail ceased activities.

Diverse touristic  opportunities at the Aeolian Islands : in “Rooms, Hotels, B&B  are indicated in order to inform and help you to choose the solution best suited to you.

At  “Buy and Sell” you will find houses for sale, proposals of properties to buy or sell, land,  rustic, rural,  prestigious villas, houses to restructure.

How to reach the Aeolian Islands  is information regarding  transport to the various islands. Full information of companies and telephone numbers of Siremar ferries, hydrofoil Ustica Lines, buses and cars for transfers to airports, airline companies that fly between Catania, Palermo and Reggio Calabria.

At  “Tourism Services”   we give you  ideas for excursions on the islands by boat, or trekking: useful information for hiring cars and , scooters, inflatable boats, for immersions and many others.

 “Informations about Aeolian Islands”  this will be most useful to read in order to have an idea of the story, the geography, the architecture, the culture, la cuisine  and religious traditions of the Aeolian Islands, for each of the 7 islands.

At  “Photo Gallery”  you will see the beauty of Alicudi, Filicudi, Salina, Panarea , Sstromboli, Vulcano,, Lipari: photos of the 7 islands, seen through the eyes of who lives and works on the islands, with the hope that you can visit and see for yourself.

At  ” Boats and charter to the Aeolian Islands”  you will find all those qualified organizations for holidays on sailing boats for those who love to live on the sea for a week or so instead of staying on land.

At  “Search”  you will be able to find a holiday house or apartment through a series of selection: choice  of island,  bed space or the name of the holiday house, or the apartment for rent or sale of a property of your choice.
You can also indicate the quality that you require in a property or other specific needs like a washing machine a color tv, a panoramic terrace, closeness to the beach or center, a garage.  And for sales, the price you are looking for , the square meters etc.

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Every apartment for rent has specific characteristic in response to diverse requirements. For example, if you have a large family or you are a group of friends, you can choose a four bedroom which guarantees the space and the prices are very good. If you are a couple you have the opportunity of various options and that is, bet sitter and 2 rooms that are available in each island.

Special Offers, Last Minute and Long Week-End at the Aeolian Islands

Special offers, last minute, rent proposals with 10 to 40 percent discount are present of the website of Eolie Houses . We will help you with the best offer (holiday houses, apartments for rent, villas, residences) at the best price to enable the most pleasant stay for you at the Aeolian Islands.

For example at Lipari, if your wish is an island with sea, countryside, historical  center with the possibility of boat outings or trekking . You might prefer  shopping in the small streets of Salina or if you love the countryside and peace and tranquility and the patio of a typical Aeolian house. You might prefer Alicudi for a holiday away from it all, set on the hills and illuminated by the stars.

And even more. Request a quote to personalize your last  minute holiday


Our love for each individual island

If you can’t decide where to go, call me or write to me and I will be only to happy to advise and to tell you the various beauties of each Aeolian island.

Lipari, with the transparencies of its white sea for the effect of pumice, the green countryside with splendid views. The architecture of the historical center, and its exclusive archeological sites.

Salina, beautifully gee, tranquil and panoramic.

Alicudi, with its unique little streets with steep steps that seem to finish into the blue sea.

Panarea, with its magical atmosphere similar to paintings by talented painters.

Stromboli, alive and savage, with the energy of fire.

Vulcano, with its gifts of force and nature.

Filicudi, the stone,  the depth , the commitment of man.

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